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  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    All services require a reservation. We recommend booking any boarding reservations at least a month in advance or 2-3 months in advance for any stay during the holidays.
  • What are your prices?
    *Additional services incur additional charges. Please call for prices of services not listed above.
  • Is there an age requirement for lodging or play groups?
    All Guests must be at least 4 months old and have all vaccines. Dogs with certain medical conditions or advanced age may need veterinary clearance to board for extended periods Elderly pets receive additional attention during their stay. We ensure that all senior pets have extra bedding and a rubber floor mat in their lodge to help with traction. Some seniors may be required to be on our specialized care program. This is an additional $10 per night.
  • Are vaccines required?
    Yes. We must have proof of current vaccines prior to scheduling . You can email them to, fax - 907-746-7388 or bring them in. Below are the required vaccines: *You may substitute proof of titers over vaccinations *We accept vaccinations given by owners. Stickers from the bottles and a receipt are required. (Please note that vaccinations purchased at pet stores have a risk of being less effective than those given by veterinarians) *North Star Pet Resort offers distemper - parvo and bordetella vaccines.
  • What should I bring when I drop my pet off for lodging?
    Food - We ask that you bring enough food/treats/medications for your pet’s stay plus 2 additional days. It is recommended to pre-measure each meal into individual zip lock bags or containers. Meal times are at 7am, 12pm and 7pm. Medications - If your pet requires daily medications, please bring enough for your pets stay along with 2 additional days. Put medications into a pill organizer putting each daily dose into the correct slots. Toys/Blankets/Beds - You're welcome to bring anything that will make your pets stay with us more comfortable. * Please remember that your pet may chew up things they normally wouldn't at home. Being in a new environment may cause them to be nervous and chew their bedding or toys. We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or ingested belongings.
  • What if my pet is boarding but not in play group?
    That's totally fine! All pets get one-on-one attention from resort attendants during their stay. Attendants will take the time to learn what your pet enjoys doing. Activities can range from daily massage, cuddles, story time, playing ball or outdoor play time.
  • Do you offer training packages?
    Not at this time.
  • Are there any conditions that would prohibit my pet from being able to visit the Pet Resort?
    For the safety of our other guests, your pet must not exhibit any contagious symptoms such as: Upper respiratory illness, including (but not limited to) coughing, and sneezing Stomach virus / vomiting / diarrhea Internal parasites (worms) Canine oral papillomas (mouth warts) Fleas Lice External Parasite Prevention is required for all dogs entering the playgroups. Proof of purchase will be required at the time of drop off. Internal parasite prevention is highly recommended for boarding dogs but not required. Aggression We cannot have pets in our care who show a pattern of snapping at and/or trying to bite humans. All dogs must allow our staff to safely put a slip lead on them and move them into play and potty areas. All dogs must allow us to enter their lodging space safely. *If your dog has never been to a boarding facility we recommend scheduling a trial day before boarding.
  • What is the play group evaluation process?
    Your dog will be dropped off with us at 10am. They will be assigned their own daycare lodge for the day. Your dog will go into their lodge for 30 minutes before the evaluation begins to help them “reset” after leaving you. We will then start the evaluation by assessing how your dog does with human interactions. Provided they feel comfortable with that, we will then start bringing dogs into the indoor daycare area, starting with our calmest dog and ending with our most rambunctious dog. This will help determine your pet's comfort level and play styles. The Pet Resort uses Doggie Daycare 2.0 play style which provides physical as well as mental stimulation.
  • What is the lodging experience like for my pet?
    Each lodging guest will receive 3-4 individualized sessions with a lodging attendant throughout the day. In addition, all guests receive potty breaks/lodging checks every two hours. There are 3 scheduled mealtimes throughout the day. All stays include one report card emailed and/or texted within 24 hours of checking in. This report card includes a photo and update. Additional report cards can be added onto any stay at an additional fee.
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