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Many people think to bring their pets to the vet when they are sick or injured, but annual wellness visits are just as important! In fact, wellness visits can help detect problems before they become serious issues. Puppies, kittens, adult animals and alternative pet species can all benefit from seeing the doctor once a year. During routine wellness visits the veterinarian, performs a full physical examination. Additionally, vaccine administration (individualized to each pet's needs and risks), parasite screening and a personalized deworming protocol may be recommended based on the pet's lifestyle. The vaccines we offer include protection against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, leptospirosis, rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), feline leukemia, feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia and a small number of large animal vaccines available upon request. Additionally, if the doctor has concern with any aspect of your pet's health at the time of the exam, they will recommend the appropriate diagnostics and develop a treatment plan to get your pet back to the best health possible. An optional yet highly recommended part of wellness care, especially as pets age, is wellness blood screening. Some of the things we can determine from routine blood work are the health of a pet's liver, kidneys, thyroid, amounts and types of blood cells and more. This information enables us to make changes early if a problem is detected. Routine wellness care also involves elective surgical procedures such as spays, neuters, gastropexies and dental cleanings that can extend the life and health of your pet.

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Urgent Care
(No Walk-ins)

When your pet needs to be seen for an illness, injury or emergency we are here! We keep dedicated time slots open on our daily schedule to accomodate urgent care and sick pet appointments. These give our doctors time to gather pertinent details from pet owners, assess the problem on physical exam, run diagnostics and form a treatment plan. In situations where your pet needs extensive diagnostics, treatments or procedures, they are hospitalized for the day to allow our team time to get these things done while providing the best care possible. The things we would schedule for an urgent care appointment might include ear infection, diarrhea, vomiting, limping, lump/mass checks, coughing, hot spots, itching, skin infection, sneezing and other non-life threatening conditions. In addition to urgent care exam room appointments, we have limited space in our schedule each day for a number of drop-off appointments. These are for when your pet needs to be seen same day but a room appointment is unavailable, or the times do not work with your schedule. We offer drop-off appointments as a convenience when your pet otherwise would be unable to be seen by a doctor in the traditional scheduled fashion. As the name implies, a drop-off appointment involves your pet being dropped off in-hospital for the day. They receive the same care they would if they were to see the doctor with you present for the exam. Urgent conditions warranting a drop-off appointment would include broken toenails, blood in stool, pain during bowel movements, foreign body ingestion, dog fight wounds, porcupine quills, extreme lethargy, broken bones and more. We are equipped with oxygen and anesthesia machines, in-house laboratory equipment, x-ray, ultrasound, a full surgical suite and experienced doctors and staff on hand to treat urgent care situations. Emergencies are unexpected and scary, but we try our best to keep pet parents involved and informed along the way. Emergencies that require immediate attention include pets hit by car, animals that are lying down not moving/unresponsive, new or extended seizure activity, poison ingestion and respiratory distress. We currently have four days a week open for scheduled surgeries and sedated procedures. Non-urgent surgeries such as mass removals, dental extractions/dental x-rays, cystotomies and sedated OFA x-rays are scheduled ahead of time. Examples of urgent surgeries include pyometras, urinary blockages, GI foreign body obstructions, c-sections, laceration and wound repairs, splenectomies, GVD (bloat) corrections, and more are fit in as the need arises and do not necessarily always take place on one of the pre-scheduled surgery days. We also offer euthanasia services at the hospital, as well as access to pet aftercare services such as cremation through Passages in Palmer.

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We are excited to offer access to multiple specialty services here at our hospital! Sometimes pets need care or advanced diagnostics beyond the scope of what primary veterinarians typically offer. We currently offer internal medicine, ophthalmology and cardiology services through board certified veterinary specialists. Internal medicine consults, diagnostics and procedures with Dr. Caroline Landry, dip ACVIM (SAIM) are scheduled here at our hospital by referral only. The process of getting a referral starts with an exam with one of our regular veterinarians. Dr. Caroline Landry's services include ultrasound, ultrasound-guided biopsies, abdominocentesis, cystocentesis, detailed treatment recommendations delivered to your pet's primary doctor and one-on-one consults with pet owners. Echocardiograms and cardiology workups are performed in-hospital by Dr. Dawn Webber, DACVIM. She performs the echo during an in-person consultation and then provides detailed recommendations of care based on the results. Ophthalmology services are provided through Dr. Kevin Snyder, DACVO here at the hospital. He sees patients for exams to assess ocular illness and injuries as well as health screening for breeding animals. His services do not require a referral and can be scheduled directly by contacting our hospital. Dr. Snyder uses specialized ophthalmic equipment to examine all parts of a pet's eyes and eyelids, perform testing both basic and advanced depending on the needs of the individual case and treats conditions with both surgical and non-surgical options. Some of the conditions he manages and treats includes corneal ulcers, glaucoma, dry eye, conjunctivitis, eyelid (entropion)/eyelash disease, uveitis, third eyelid disease and more.

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